Hello! I’m Nellie.

I created this web space because I believe that the path of spiritual growth and self-knowledge is not a path only for the chosen ones, but gives a sense of meaning for every person’s daily life. Stay with me, so I can tell you more…


I am a Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher, founder and co-owner of the Yoga Vibe chain of studios, a corporate attorney with over fifteen years of experience, a member of the Board of Directors of one of the most successful international retail companies, and last but not least, the mother of a wonderful daughter.

I succeed in balancing all these roles and titles with long names thanks to yoga. When I made yoga my daily routine more than ten years ago, I not only managed to de-stress from my busy schedule, but also felt a real change in the quality of my life, in the integrity of my personality, in the process of deeply connecting my mind, spirit and body – an inevitable path to a better and happier life.


for beginners

The practices in this section are suitable for both – energizing at the start of the day and for relaxing after a tiring day.

They are aimed at beginners who are just starting to get to know the sensations in their body when performing the various asanas, build stability and concentration. They emphasize on careful and correct construction of the poses, which is extremely important to avoid injury and provide a base to build on.

Duration: about 30 minutes.

for advanced

Advanced virtual classes are aimed at practitioners with established skills and awareness of their own body’s capabilities.

The practices are vigorous and require stability and good muscle tone. They are perfect for centering, freeing the mind and restoring balance through a moderate load on the whole body.

Duration: 60 minutes.

for mobility

Mobility classes are a trendy interpretation of active yoga practices.  They combine the traditional techniques used by every vinyasa class, such as postures, transitions and structure, but work mainly on the mobility of the body and increasing the spectrum of movement in it.

In yoga, we devote enough attention to working on our flexibility, but we often neglect mobility and thus lose stability in our practice. Properly activating our body will create stability in postures and thus unlock freedom of movement in areas that are often neglected, stiff and tight.


Meditative practices will fill you with gratitude and delight in pure presence in the moment of practice.

The section brings together various guided meditations that will introduce you to the world of these extremely powerful and cleansing practices. It doesn’t matter where you are right now or if you have experience with meditation. The only important thing is to try to give yourself completely to the process.


Here you will find materials with a focus on the science of breathing in yoga – pranayama. Since proper breathing is a key element of absorbing all the benefits of yoga practices, the videos in the section are suitable for absolutely everyone.

I present different types of breathing techniques that can be applied daily and provide calming of the mind, improve focus and concentration.


Here you will find an up-to-date schedule of live practices at the Yoga Vibe studios in Sofia, which we created together with Atanasia Zheleva – Nasi.

Our team consists of the best highly accredited teachers and we believe that your practices with us will be filled with pleasure and meaning.



I will send you useful information about upcoming practices, events and other interesting information.


Omnitom has become an extension of my belief that yoga clothes are not just clothes. Through this brand, I strive for everyone on or outside the mat to feel free, to experience and realize the beauty of our bodies. Because skinny or fat, tall or short, we are all imperfect, but we are always beautiful – women!


My love for essential oils and aromatherapy grew into more than just applying them to my daily life and yoga practice. The influence of oils on balancing energy centers became the impulse for the development of the “11 moons” brand, offering high-energy essential blends for balance, protection and hormonal health, as well as a natural cosmetics line.