“11 Moons” is a small ethical company, born in in the Land of Roses and Lavender. Inspired by nature and its power to harmonize and heal us, with a team of established aromatherapists, we create high-energy blends for balance, protection and hormonal health. Our products are produced in a bio laboratory in Sofia and we are successfully present in several markets in Europe.


Every tiny drop of our ethereal blends gives concentrated life-giving energy and protection from viruses, bacteria and negative energy.

Essential oils are extracted from the bark, leaves, fruits, flowers, stems or roots of various plants. To create our blends, suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender and lifestyle, we used the knowledge of the most established aromatherapists in our country.

We have created special oils for hormonal and women’s health and energy balance support. We have also developed a series with five main elements that build both the world around us and our inner world, as well as a special yoga collection that complements each practice in a natural way with the most suitable aroma.


Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the human body? It is our shield against all external factors and protects all other organs from harmful influences. It is not by chance that the visible signs of aging are first seen namely there – on our skin.

We created our cosmetic range using only pure organic ingredients to offer effective and gentle care for radiant and healthy skin. Our rejuvenating elixirs, oils and creams have the power to restore youthful freshness to even the finest areas of the face and around the eyes.

Our products provide reliable support for every skin type, which turns care into a ritual and a unique experience with incredible results.